About Us

At PackoPaper we provide you with viable, cost effective alternatives to non-sustainable packaging.

Our sustainable packaging range is complemented by our design and manufacture of integrated packing systems. This includes bespoke workstations and conveyor systems, which will help you streamline your operation as well as make your packaging more sustainable.

We are a fully accredited company with over 15 years combined experience working with clients from a multitude of industries. Throughout this time we have developed a reputation as packaging experts, and have worked closely with hundreds of companies all over the India.

We are continuously innovating along with our customers to find smarter and faster ways to pack, and create Eco-friendly packaging that will excite your customers and bring them back to you again and again.

The Team at PackoPaper

Within PackoPaper, we believe that the people we have combine to create our greatest asset. Our culture enables talented people to contribute and grow, and everyone has a voice.

The leaders understand the need for humility; the readiness to listen to ideas, to foster an environment that embraces every contribution, and that shows respect to every colleague.

Only in this way will we achieve sustainable success, by creating a culture of ongoing improvement, enjoying what we do, and in an atmosphere of mutual respect.

Our Values

  • Customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do
  • We listen, take time to understand and then innovate, invest and train
  • We foster and promote enthusiasm
  • We readily embrace new ideas
  • We acknowledge when we are wrong and take responsibility
  • We are respectful and courteous to every person we meet
  • We inspire loyalty because we care

Protecting Future Generations

Passionate about offering ultimate protection for your products, we focus on developing solutions that minimize the impact of packaging on the environment.